Kolkata Radio Cab/Call Taxi Service

We believe strongly in keeping our promises and meeting our commitments. So we’ve been hesitant to expand our service offering and advertise more widely because of the complexity of managing independent taxi drivers and the numerous different interests. However, we’ve been encouraged greatly by the feedback we’re getting from customers despite various teething problems we’ve had.

So last week we decided to bite the bullet and started to offer call cab services on a 24 hour basis. For the first time now the residents of Kolkata can call for a yellow taxi at any time of the day to live their lives as they want to.

We currently have 300 taxi drivers registered with us to provide radio taxi services. Consequently we can only take bookings at a minimum 2 hours before the required time. However, as we add more drivers we will be able reduce the time customers will have to wait for a taxi.

But here’s the catch… As more and more people call us, we need to have even more taxi drivers working with us just to keep the 2 hour minimum booking time commitment! So the more successful we are the harder we have to work!

You can help us by recommending a taxi driver to us to recruit if you have found them to be exceptional. They will be rewarded by gaining a greater opportunity to earn more money and also for you to possibly get service from them again.

You can call us on 08444 833 123 or email us at kolkata@suretaxis.in