About Us

We’re a startup company with a vision to improving the taxi experience in India. From our own and the experiences of others hailing a taxi on the street in India can be frustrating and exasperating experience. Some comments we received from a survey about taxis in India in general were:

 worst sort of criminal minded people are driving rickshaws and taxis these days.

They hold commuters to ransom by their frequent strikes for absolutely anything.

They arbitrarily charge high amounts.

We don’t see why that has to be. So we’re doing something about it.

We’ve been operating in Aizawl, Mizoram since Nov 2011 working to get the technologies, systems, processes and training right to get the kind of customer experience we want. We’re currently setting up in Kolkata, West Bengal. So what have we achieved?

32% of passengers have used our service more than once in the last 30 days. Half of the 32% have used our service more than than two times in the month and the most frequent is 5 times. We track the average time to dispatch a taxi at different times of the day and week so we can warn customers how long to expect to wait, with average time to dispatch a taxi around 7 minutes and at peak times up to 20 minutes. In our last passenger survey (January ’13) 100% of respondents recommended us to their friends & family.